My Story

I became a landlord at a young age and have never looked back. I discovered that I had the right skill set to be a successful landlord and fell in love with the landlording business. Now, with over 15 years of experience, my dynamic expertise is what makes me different.

For five years I offered full property management services under my company TreeFort Property Management Inc. I successfully managed client properties as well as my own, boasting a track record of 100% rent paid and average tenancies of 2-3 years. My scope of real estate management includes everything from student accommodations to high end condos, income suites to apartment buildings. Through my experiences, I recognized many areas of the business that could be improved on and made more efficient. I dedicated my time to researching, documenting, creating and testing innovative practices that raise the bar for being a landlord. My proven management approach and landlord strategies maximize profits and minimize headaches one rental at a time.

After gaining valuable experience from the property management industry, I took my passion for the business one step further by becoming a rental developer. For the past three years I have specialized in transforming houses into customized legal rental properties. By purchasing, renovating and renting these properties, I create profitable rental investments that make a maximum return.

Year after year, I strive to be a leader in the rental industry. I apply my business degree and a wealth of first hand rental knowledge to teach people to be effective, business minded landlords. I can transform small budgets into large returns, and run down rentals into desirable spaces. Rental properties are my life’s success, and it is my mission to provide others with the education necessary to become better landlords.