My Skillset

As home improvement television has grown in popularity, so has the idea  that anyone can be a landlord. Perceived as an easy way to make money,  new landlords frequently discover it can be a daunting responsibility  that carries real financial risks. With little to no experience, these  landlords must learn as they go with limited resources at their disposal.

My Services: Consulting, Talks & Seminars.

I offer solutions for the diverse challenges facing landlords today including:

How to:

  • ​find, screen and select your ideal tenants (from listing your unit to move in).
  • manage your tenants (from move in to move out).
  • protect your rental from tenant damage.
  • increase your rental income.
  • achieve impressive transformations on affordable budgets;
    • choose the right contractors.
  • minimize the busyness;
    • the added cost of a disorganized landlord.
  • evaluate and acquire profitable rental investments.
  • rent your property as a non-resident;
    • choose the right property manager.
  • operate your rental property like a business.

Topics like:

  • What type of rental property suits you?
  • Rental Rate - What is your rental property’s hourly wage?
  • Why to invest in your rental property?
  • Where to spend and where to save money on your rental property.
  • Best forms of communication with tenants.
  • Efficiency checklist - Save time and money by identifying and utilizing all efficiencies.
  • Importance of calculating and comparing the return on investment (ROI) - Finding value in ROI.
  • Ins and Outs of
    • Duplexing.
    • Property management.

Want to Be a Better Landlord?

Landlord Coaching Package

Make your rental property dreams a reality. Condense years of landlording experience into one session! This exclusive Landlord Coaching Package covers all of the vital information required for running a successful rental property.

Your one on one coaching session will be tailored to your property and your situation. It will include an informative landlord checklist in addition to advice and  strategies on:

  • Increasing rent.
  • Decreasing expenses.
  • Being more efficient (saving time & money by working smarter).
  • Renting to ideal tenants.
  • 100% rent paid & 0% vacancy.
  • Revitalizing rental units.
  • ROI - Which renovations will add the most value.
  • Being an effective, business minded landlord, & much more!

Without the right training, being a part time landlord can become a full time nightmare. Learn the secrets to operating a successful rental property and tap into its full potential without breaking the bank!